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We provide Lease with Option To Buy option which can help you to buy your new property.

Lease with Option to Buy Program

For a number of years numerous families have benefited tremendously from the innovative and convenient financing opportunities that we have been able to provide. Due to our creative financing programs we are capable of placing families into the house of their dreams even if it seems impossible.

Besides great financing arrangements we also offer some of the best real estate locations to choose from. Most of our houses are newer and conveniently locate to major consumer destinations in the greater Seattle Tacoma area.

Not all families have the luxury of good credit or an abundance of cash to use on a down deposit. We understand this fact and that is why we offer such programs. By using our program families can now move into the house of their choice regardless of credit problems or having only minimum cash.

The key to our Lease with Option to Buy Program is that it allows homeowners to take advantage of the appreciation value of the house. This has allowed families to realize tremendous financial opportunities. Also, by choosing the Lease with Option to Buy Program a family can improve their credit by establishing good payment history on their house and building equity on their property. Disclosure: The above stated information is purposed to serve as an example. In no way should this be implied as a guarantee for a future loan commitment or sale of property. Also, the appreciation rate mentioned on houses is not guaranteed in any way. Every lease with Option to Purchase Agreement we have has a provision for attorney approval. We strongly recommend that all clients consult an attorney before signing lease agreement with option to buy.

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